Normally, I take a very cynical view of world affairs, I believe that
climate change is irreversible and that all wars are unwinnable. I
find very few good guys and a vast crowd of “evil doers” but my
definition of such extends to governments and not just outlaw
terrorist groups. I feel strongly that George W Bush is an evil doer
and so are many members of his cabinet and other officials who worked
for him.

President Obama actually filled me with something resembling hope; So,
throughout this year I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt.
When he hired Larry Summers instead of Paul Krugman, I got a bit
nervous as Summers is a racist, sexist and was responsible for the
Clinton White House’s support of the massive deregulation that led to
this disaster. Then he hired Reuben instead of Steiglits; another
Goldman Saks guy, it’s beginning to remind me of GW Bush’s finance
team who also came from the same bank.

Then Obama pushed off getting rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and I
accepted that it would happen in the near future. Then he announced
support for the absurd Defense of Marriage Act.

His promises to bring home troops from Iraq is woefully behind
schedule and, this week, he is contemplating sending another 40,000 of
our young people to the mountains of Afghanistan.

This week, the Dalai Lama will be paying a visit to Washington.
President Obama is refusing to meet with him as he wants to downplay
the human rights issues in his discussions with China. Is the same
Obama we heard speaking so eloquently about such important issues in
sweeping platitudes this time last year? Where did that guy go.

My cynicism is back and for many more reasons than the highlights I
note above. It’s just too depressing to think about how rapidly Obama
turned from hero into back slapping old boy. As Zappa said, “the
torture never stops.” As Gore Vidal said, “We don’t need a third
party; we need a second party.”

— End

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