People Engaged in Terrorist Acts

Blind Confidential has taken its longest vacation since we started nearly three years ago.  I started whirling about a set of ideas for a very cool, ultra gonzo piece that would wind my real life trips to South Beach, India and a few other places that Gonz, Samhara, BC and his wife and our usual cast of characters have visited over the past 3 months.  Then, the freaks at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had one of its Vice Presidents do an interview in which he rails against using animals as guide dogs because such a practice is too cruel to the critters.


The US Department of Homeland Security says that, among domestic terrorists, the radical wing of the environmental movement including members of ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and ELF (Environment Liberation Front)cause the greatest amount of domestic terrorism when Oklahoma City is removed from the equation.


Virtually every member of ALF arrested for various terrorist acts were also members of PETA.  Like the IRA, PETA serves as the public, political face while ALF makes the bombs.  Most horrible of all, ALF has recently started adding anti-personnel weapons to their weapons of property destruction.  Specifically, at a number of sites, bombs timed to explode 20 minutes after the first set were left behind to spray shrapnel at the responders (firemen, police and other public servants).  While I oppose the acts against property, learning that ALF is now going after firemen, guys who risk their lives to help us remain safe, is beyond my personal level of comprehension and, those of you who have read the gonzo stuff here know that my imagination can take me places rarely visited by regular people.


My fear is that some deranged grizzly bear hugger will try to sneak up on a guide dog school, liberate a bunch of sweet Labradors and torch the place, possibly hurting or even killing the people who work nights at such places. 


The PETA spokesman who talked so angrily about guide dogs also provided a list of misleading statements about people with vision impairment – including that we cannot tell if our dogs are healthy or not  and other statements that make us sound like we have major intellectual impairments.


So, from here on out, the world of Blind Confidential declares that PETA will stand for People Engaging in Terrorist Acts and challenges any PETA freak to a one on one debate with a person we select against one of their own in an online debate over the subject. 


Hence, we challenge any of you fruitcake terrorists to actually engage someone who actually knows how wonderful our guide dogs are and how terrific working animals have it when compared to pets who spend most days bored.


— End



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