Writer’s Block

Thanks to all of you who have written wondering why Blind COnfidential
had disappeared for a number of months and why all of our BC
characters have gone silent. As a quik update: BlindChristian and his
lovely wife are holed up in an ashram some where in South India where
devotees are encouraged to smoke huge amonts of hashish and have sex
only on rare occasions, a situation not entirely like marriage in
general. Secretary Clinton appointed Gonz as embassador to
WhatsItStan and he and Samhara are hunkered down in a mud hut in an
obscure corner of Central Asia. Boris is acting like an ass and the
rest of the gang are up to their usual antics.

In reality, I’ve had the worst case of writer’s block that has hit me
in years. I have a pile of opening paragraphs, a bunch of cool
sentences in my bank of goodies to be used later and a number of plot
lines that just rumble around in my head. I haven’t even attended a
meeting of my creative writing club in months. I signed up for and
downloaded a writing course with lots of cool exercises from iTunes U.
that should shock the block out of me but, rather, give me a pile of
assignments that I feel guilty for not attempting – at least the
course came at no cost.

I had started writing about Raising the Floor (my new full time home
that you can read about at: http://www.raisingthefloor.net) and had
some amusing thoughts about simply lowering the elevator, alas, I
jotted a paragraph or two and could go no further.

If you are interested in the blindness aspects of rtF, it is being co-
chaired by Jamal Mazrui and me. We are just getting off of the ground
but all are welcome to join our BLV working group.

I did go to CSUN and started a Gonz Blinko story called “Bicycle Built
for Two” as Daisy dominated the conference. I had planned on calling
the LAX (pronounced lacks by screen readers) as the Ex Lax hotel and
the conference would be called Sea Sunk (look for the homophone). I
had a bunch of material piled up for a satirical view of the show but,
once again, it was as though my hands were tied whenever I started to
write anything beyond an email or other short item related to RTF.

I’m still blocking pretty hard and find that I’m surprised by finding
the energy to write even this much but, with hope, we’ll be generating
stories again soon.

— End

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Howdy Comrades!
    I suggest BC try some castor oil along with the hash to remove his writer’s block. My late Granny enthused about purging to cure all ills. Actually, I have experienced a similar block lately. Could this be a consequence of some conspiracy by blind-hating plotters? In the past, the only real remedy I’ve found to break a writer’s block is to decide its finally time to write and publish, even if you feel the work is crap or lacking in some way. Just do it, BC! Onward through the fog!
    Chairman Mal
    Power to the Peeps!

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