A Birth in the Family

On Monday, Dena Shumilla-Wainright, my dear friend and occasional contributing author to BlindConfidential gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Elise Jaden Wainright entered the world weighing in at seven pounds and 13 ounces and stretches a solid 19 inches long.  Both Dena and Elise are very healthy and happily back in their home near Minneapolis.


This is the first time since we started BC that we get to announce anything as joyful as the addition of a beautiful new baby to our extensive family.  Please join us in sending your best wishes, prayers and anything else you would like to add to celebrate this grand occasion to Dena and her husband Jason.


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One thought on “A Birth in the Family”

  1. My mentor in ministry Joe Clement once said: “Each new birth reminds me that God is not done with this world or His creation quite yet.” Elise Jaden is further evidence of this. Congratulations to dad, mom and little daughter!

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