Tourist Season Ends Monday

I have a hectic week with a handful of deadlines coming due, a new project kicking off and, finally, next Monday is the official end of tourist season and I haven’t bagged my limit yet.  So, to make up for my poor progress during this season, I think I will pack my 12 gauge and Glock 9 and head over to Orlando with a spotter to take a few shots at whackos wearing floppy eared, Goofy hats and stupid smiles on their sunburned faces.  I might go for a few with those dopey mouse ears or duck bills too.

Orlando, Florida, owned by the mouse and corrupt politicians always provides one with plenty of targets during tourist season.  These people come to our state, drive gas guzzling SUV type trucks that both pollute and destroy the view, they use up our fresh water, and the only people who profit from their activities are the mouse and his stockholders.  Sure, the resorts employ a lot of people but mostly at crappy wages and dead end jobs.  I would venture a bet that most people employed due to the mouse’s attraction can qualify for the earned income tax credit.

The corrupt politicians who made room in Central Florida for the giant mouse hole didn’t tell America that the jobs it would create pay minimum wage and provide little or no health benefits.  Most employees involved with the resort itself and the surrounding hotels, restaurants and junk stores are never seen by the tourists.  These aren’t the pretty, smiling white people who take tickets or entertain on Main Street USA but, rather, the dark skinned people who haunt the catacombs beneath the theme parks, collecting trash from below or, on occasion, popping out among the tourists to wipe up some snot nosed brat’s puke caused by over stimulation on Space Mountain.  The people lucky enough to have the crappy jobs at the resort itself do much better than the poor people who need to work in the cheap motels that line the highways approaching it as these people are probably not documented and are, therefore subject to all kinds of abuses.

Anyway, if you are a Floridian, remember, the season ends on Monday so go out and get your limit.

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