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Recently, primarily because everyone is talking about them and I thought I’d stick my toe in, I’ve set up accounts on various social networking systems. I’ve also broken my long term policy of eschewing instant messenger programs and set up a couple of accounts for them too.

On FaceBook, you can, if you are interested in the banality of my existence, “friend” me using “Chris Hofstader” as your search criteria. I update my status about once per day and have no idea why anyone reads my little statements.

On twitter, I set up an account for myself, where I will probably tweet about random topics in a manner like this blog. I’ve yet to post anything as I’ve no followers signed up and am not sure if a tweet falls in the woods and no one is present to hear it…

Gonz Blinko also has his own twitter account: He also has yet to post anything but I think his followers can expect gonzo headlines about the absolute weirdness that is reality.

Someone told me that I am on LinkedIn and am signed up for the League for Programming Freedom group. I got an email about a month or so ago saying that someone added me as a contact but, otherwise, I have never visited its web site or used its service in anyway.

I have an IM account on MSN with the email address, which I only have two people to chat with so it’s all pretty boring.

Twitter keeps asking me if I wasn’t tweets sent to my mobile phone. I can’t imagine that anything that a twitter person would would be important enough that it can’t wait until I sit down with some free time. I would understand this if I was involved in protests in Iran, Honduras or some place where a tweet may mean life or death but listening to Sarah Palin tell us that she changed her socks can wait.

So, I think the gonz_blinko twitter account may be fun and suggest that of the above it will probably be the most interesting so sign up to follow it right away. People who like the general content of BlindConfidential might also sign up for the BlindChristian feed as it will contain short form headline like things that refer to issues BC may cover in this blog.

Otherwise, all of my new and boring contact information is above so feel free to join me at anytime as I’m often bored and lonely enough to enjoy a chat on the phone or online.

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