back by Popular Demand

Well, rumors spread by me in the last item I wrote for BC that it was
going away turned out to be quite premature. I did close that item
with a statement that we might be back and, two and a half months
later, I’m writing here again.

I received a whole lot of emails from a wide variety of different
people asking me to take Blind Confidential out of mothballs and here
it is. We’re back, we’re fat and we hope to have some fun again.

In the short term, readers can expect more in the “Eating an Elephant”
series as well as a bunch of stuff about accessibility on Apple
devices as I’ve spending a lot of time with them and enjoy quite a lot
of the accessibility aspects of these very cool toys.

I will also be talking about various free software and open source AT
projects as I believe that it is very important for the end users and
not the bean counters to ultimately control our destiny and, as far as
I can see it, open source is the only way to go.

Finally, I’ll probably be writing about software patents as the League
for Programming Freedom ( is making a comeback and
I’m on its board so I’m reading a lot about IP law.

I can’t say when I will post the first new article. Some people asked
me to start a twitter thing but I can’t figure out what I could say of
any value in a sentence or two. Maybe twitter would be good as it
could help me with brevity.

— End

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I'm an accessibility advocate working on issues involving technology and people with print impairment. I'm a stoner, crackpot, hacker and all around decent fellow. I blog at this site and occasionally contribute to Skepchick. I'm a skeptic, atheist, humanist and all around left wing sort. You can follow this blog in your favorite RSS reader, and you can also view my Twitter profile (@gonz_blinko) and follow me there.

4 thoughts on “back by Popular Demand”

  1. These topics sound good… I am looking forward to the Apple reviews and the open source software / accessibility discussions. (Hey a little fiction is fine too. [wink])

  2. Just found your blog and am hoping you do decide to keep it up. I would DEFINITELY find the software info helpful. There’s a lot of information out there but it’s all in a hodge podge that, quite honestly, gives me anxiety to go through it all *smile*
    Have a great day!

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