This morning, I had a few emails containing comments people have made to recent BC posts. I have comment moderation turned on so spam comments don’t get through to the blog itself. When I hit the “publish” link on the first comment today, I was presented with an error page from blogger that said something about cookies being corrupted or acting poorly for some reason. After doing a bit of clean up, I could log back into blogger and post the comment.


So, if you see this message with no text following, it means that my Word 2007 problem went away as a function of fixing the possibly related blogger login function.


Ok, that didn’t work and I even tried to delete my blog account within Word and start over from scratch but, for no reason apparent to me yet, I get a dialogue containing an error message that says something like, “Word could not contact your provider, please contact your blog host for additional help.” This sentence was pretty useless but I’ll try sending blogger a note or searching their FAQ to see if others are having the same problems.


Ok, trying to publish using the blogger interface didn’t work either as I seem to have dropped my Internet connection. I’m going to try again with Word before resorting to the blogger interface which almost always means that I need to summon Susan, my lovely wife, to read the visual verification as I can never seem to understand the numbers played in the audio alternative.





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