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When google changed the blogger interface to its current incarnation, it no longer supported the “Blogger for Word” toolbar which made writing and posting entries in MS Word 2003 very simple. I haven’t spent much time exploring the new Blogger interface as Jeff Bishop called me and told me about posting by email. In my Blogger settings I chose the secret word and chose the radio button that said to post items directly to the blog rather than put it into drafts.


Recently, I noticed that a handful of blog entries I had written didn’t make it to the BC page but, instead, landed in a table filled with drafts. I returned to the settings page and confirmed that all remained the same, I read the Blogger help file about the mailto post feature and saw that nothing changed but the test posts I tried yesterday went to drafts instead of BC. Anyone who knows why this is happening, especially if they know of a solution, please tell me about it.


I am trying the blog publishing feature in Word 2007 for this item. As I’ve no idea if it will work or not, I will reserve comment on how it works. I’m still adjusting to Word 2007 but the learning curve seems to be flattening out a bit. It has some nice new features and I like the contextual nature of the ribbon but some tasks that I found simple in 2003 take a little more effort via a screen reader with 2007.




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  1. Hello Christian. Since your post about this subject, I’ve tried the blog publishing in Word 2007. While the system works well, I do have one comment. That is, when you proseed to publish, you then find that that you at least seem to be in a menue and you have a parshel lockup situation develop. The only way that you can get around this, is to alt tab out and back again. I would like to see someone do something about this.

  2. It isn’t perfect by any means, however, I love using Windows Live Writer. It is very WYSIWYG and no frills. And I guess that is why I like it for longer posts. The Office 07 blog feature is fine in a pinch though. It does get a little crazy though if you have specific themes, schemes or add ons. Like BC I try to write via the “stream of thought” and I find that I can do this in Live Writer better than if I compose in Word. Writing in Word makes me feel like I am at work doing reports!

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