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In the Afterward to the post I did on Friday, I mentioned that some changes to Blind Confidential would come soon.  Instead of authoring all articles myself, other authors will join BC and we will act like a team rather than just representing my own world view.  As the team grows, I can predict that we may not always agree on some issues and that BC will provide a more well rounded picture of opinions, ideas, concepts, subjects and areas of expertise than before.  I hope you, my loyal readers, will enjoy the changes.


I am very proud to announce that my good friend Dena Schumilla will join BC as the blog’s second author.  Dena has a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation from U. Wisconsin, has worked in the accessibility world for some of the top mainstream companies out there, is an expert in guide dog handling, has a terrific sense of humor, is a very good writer, can be as cynical as me and is one of the sexiest people in the blindness biz. 


I expect Dena will bring some very fresh views to BC and will provide a woman’s point of view which, although I have been called metrosexual, will be quite different to my own.  Dena grew up in Canada so may bring a view from the north that I wouldn’t see as a guy from New Jersey.  Dena is also about 15 years younger than me so she has a far more youthful set of attitudes than me.


I’m not quite sure when her first post will happen but I certainly look forward to reading it.


We also plan on reviving as soon as I can get the domain moved into an account with my name on it (don’t ask).  Dena and I have discussed a number of ideas for the site and we will likely take it in a direction fairly different from that which we had originally planned.  In the months since I first envisioned and wrote its now very stale “under construction” page, a lot of other blind hackers have started similar projects.  Thus h.c will point to those guys but Dean and I plan on taking it in a different direction and hope people like it.  We do hope to recruit authors for the site so, if you’re interested, drop me an email with some writing samples.


I very much look forward to the new and improved Blind Confidential and expect the blog will be enjoyed by a larger audience as we start putting in the new bits.


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2 thoughts on “Changes to Blind Confidential”

  1. Howdy comrades!
    I’m eager to hear from Dena Schumilla, and I hope she will provide a “softer side” to the techno babble BC torments me with in so many of his posts. I’d also like to ask Dina if there’s a Canadian equivalent to W she can identify for BC readers. Additionally, I’d like to know if we can begin an exchange program whereby blind Texans could house swap during the month of August with like-minded Canadians. I’m not willing to feed any pet Polar bears, but smaller beasts aren’t a problem.
    Chairman Mal
    Power to the Peeps!

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