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As I do every morning, I sat down with my coffee to read my morning email and, as is the case on many days, the majority of it was from Blind News.  One headline from, The Hindu, an English-language newspaper out of India caught my attention and I read it immediately.  The story, “Visually-impaired man driven to ganja smuggling,” brought a smile to my face.

I was happy to hear that the blind person got a ride and didn’t have to walk across the border to do is smuggling.  I couldn’t quite imagine a blink tapping his cane through the Himalayas, through the Khyber Pass and into Afghanistan to make a big score and then bringing it back into India on the back of a guide yak.

The article states that are friendly blind dope dealer, “Employs a person with ‘full vision’ for the purpose,” of running his business.  I’m always happy to hear about blind people finding employment in roles traditionally held by sighted people.  I’ve known of two blind hydroponic chronic growers here in Florida and, unfortunately, neither has any for sale right now.  

“Curious as it is, the story of poor Bhimrav Durge depicts the tragedy of present times. Despite complete impairment of vision, he allegedly indulged in smuggling of ganja while being astute enough to employ a person with full vision on a wage of INR. 50 excluding expenses.”  I have to give our blind friend here credit, so many blinks around the world are exploited by sighted people and here’s a blink paying a sightie for approximately 1 penny — the article does not say how much time a servant had to work for his half a rupee but, when you’re only paying .5 INR for anything, you’re getting a pretty good bargain.

“This visually challenged person’s calling is begging for alms in front of the local temple.”I grew interested when a fellow villager told me over a `puff’ about easy availability of ganja in Andhra Pradesh. I thought I can make small packs of the ganja and sell it for INR. 5 a piece,” even if this is only a single grammar may be enough just to make one joint, five rupees is approximately $.10 so our blind friend seems to provide a good product at an excellent price.

Unfortunately, it seems that his low cost, cite it employee was not entirely competent as the pair managed to get caught.  “According to Durge’s confession, he employed Raut to execute the caper. Both reached Jainoor mandal headquarters from where they purchased 10 kg of dry ganja for INR. 900. The duo also spent about INR. 850 during their two-day travel to reach the place. “I got the money from my savings of about INR. 3,500,” said Durge who has four children who assists him at the temple.”  Nonetheless, finding 2 kg of ganja for $18 demonstrates this individual is a shrewd businessman and, tragically, silly prohibitions of possession and sale of marijuana products are going to force him back into a life of begging — 1 which seems to involve his children as well.  Finally, a blind person reaches a senior position in an entrepreneurial capacity and the government forces him to return to taking handouts.  “Realizing the seriousness of his alleged crime he vowed to go back to his village and take up begging again.”

Marijuana, hashish, and the other derivative products from the hemp plant should be legalized globally.  Recreational and medicinal use of the substance is profoundly safer than alcohol and many pharmaceuticals.  Likelihood of addiction is low and the probability of one acting violently while on the drug is even lower.

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