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Having read an article titled, “Phone Sex Worker Says She Was Scammed” in Blind News the other day, I realized that I had now heard of two blind women who, of course, live in Florida and formerly worked in the phone sex business.  The first of the pair told me about her previous job in person and had a really good sense of humor about it.  The second, who I learned about in the Blind News article, seems incredibly naïve and kind of slow.  The woman described in the article above got stiffed by the phone sex service and I feel strongly that they should pay up and hope the Florida AG, currently the Republican candidate for governor, can get her back pay for her.  

Otherwise, though, I found a lot of the statements she makes in the article pretty funny and sort of wonder whether she can possibly have such a minimal intellect as to truly believe the things she said or if she is playing the “poor blind person” card to make people without disabilities feel sorry for her.  Again, I repeat that she deserves her back pay and I agree that getting stiffed must really suck.

The Florida woman identified in the article as Ms Janice Huge (a last name that works for the sex trade) said, “phone sex operators aren’t at all what people who call
them are lead to believe.”    She continues, “It’s all a fraud, the pictures online are of a model. The person you talk
to is not the real person,.”

This entirely destroys my opinion of the entire phone sex trade.  I’m shocked!  Shocked!  The incredibly beautiful women on phone sex advertisements are not really the people I spend $4 per minute talking to about putting on a habit and spanking me on 1-900-HOT NUNS.  I want my money back!

The article states, “After an online chat with friends, Janice Huge said she was recruited to do phone sex.”  You know, I’m starting to think I have the wrong kind of friends; our online chats tend to be about technology or other boring subjects.  None of my friends, male or female, ever make me think, “Hey, I’d bet you would be a great phone sex worker.”  Also, none of my friends are in a position to “recruit” any of us for such an endeavor.  I think Ms Huge should start hanging out with a better class of online chat people.

“At rates well over $1 a minute, Huge said she went through a lot to earn her cash.”  Only $1 per minute?  She not only got scammed by a phone sex operator, she got scammed by a cheap one.  As for “going through a lot,” Huge said, “A lot would talk about different sexual acts.”

Now, let me see if I can think this through, she answered calls advertised as offering low cost hot, explicit phone sex talk with a beautiful woman pictured on the web site.  She claims that she is not actually beautiful and found talking about sex acts with the callers to be a bit disturbing.  Did Ms Huge assume that members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would call her to discuss Handel?  It’s a “phone sex” line so, what did she expect her callers to be willing to pay to talk about.

Huge also said, “Some just wanted to
Talk.”  Was this web site called  Who calls a phone sex line just to chat with some ugly woman who doesn’t really care to talk about sex anyway?  How lonely can a guy get that he’ll pay more than $1 per minute just to talk to some random person?  Do these guys live in towns without hookers or bars?  Are these men so hideous that they are afraid of talking about sex with a woman they are paying to do so?  What a bunch of sub-losers.

The article concludes, “Huge
Said she’ll never work in the phone sex industry again.”  Well, if she needs a job, I can help her find a set of Braille Tarot cards and she can talk to an entirely different set of loser.

On a serious note, though, in my rough and tumble past where I lived among junkies and used tons of the hardest drugs one can imagine, I knew quite a few women and men who turned to the hardcore sex trade to support their addictions.  In recovery, I’ve met many more people who had to take this career path out of desperation.  Talking dirty to some perverts using an assumed name differs from working the streets, the bars,, the massage parlors, escort services and the NJ Turnpike rest areas by a million miles.  The people I knew who found themselves in the sex trade didn’t have the luxury of taking phone calls in the comfort of their own home but, rather, often had guns pointed at their heads and were forced to perform sex acts that they didn’t list among their services.  Many of my old friends died or are dying from the virus, Hep C and other “risks of the trade.”

Thus, my heart doesn’t exactly bleed for some bimbo who felt a bit uncomfortable listening to Horney losers ask for some voice oral sex.


Yesterday, my friend Will Pearson posted a comment containing his opinion of JAWS 8.  As I said in BC last week, the new features I’ve seen demoed in the new JAWS release seem pretty cool and I’m looking forward to using it.  Will and I agree on many things but the preview I got showed a bit of innovation in areas in which I am especially interested.  I haven’t run it myself but I liked what I heard.


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5 thoughts on “Blind Lust via Phone”

  1. Attention Comrades!
    These are times that try person’s souls/ essence or DNA. Please go
    To read an upcoming announcement that has saddened the Live Music Capital of the World.
    Respectfully: Drew L Spitz, Public Affairs/Austin BPP: POWER TO THE PEEPS!

  2. Chris,

    All I’ll say is that I’m starting to believe that access technologies pose artificial limitations on the capabilities of their users. This is similar to how I felt back in 2004 and we both know how that ended up.

    Maybe I’m becoming too much of a liberal academic these days.

  3. Hi Chris if you comment on blindnews articles you can pretty much expect that to go on the list as well. I wish more people would realise that we’re “announce only” & don’t have the space or time for on-list discussions, however if anyone starts their own blog and comments there it’s a sure way to get one’s pennyworth in.

    I’d kind of guessed from Gonz’s post yesterday that something about this phone sex worker was brewing (maybe her cauldron, grin)

    Rumour has it that this phone sex stuff is increasingly being done over VOIP, certainly it sounds like thats how “Ms Huge” got recruited. from the source article. I wonder how they get revenue on Skype? Even if the diseases they can catch that way are limited to computer virii…

  4. Howdy Comrades! I’m feeling fine, thinking of a new career in the phone sex industry. Yep! My career as a revolutionary blind blogger has evaporated after publication by Drew L Spitz of the Foley spoof yesterday. As of this morning, my Blog is history. Nothing appears at:, except a forlorn title. My doctors assert user error fueled by vodka, but I know better. Bill Clinton had the same difficulty; a vast right wing conspiracy is out to get the old Chairman. Cheers! Regards, CM: Power to the Peeps!

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