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As Blind Confidential’s popularity has grown, so has the number of ideas people send in as enhancements and improvements to help BC move from a blog to something more substantial.  Most of these concepts would require that we move from being just a blog to having some web space to go along with it.  I’m not sure if I am ready to commit to a web site in the short term but, over time, it looks as though it will become necessary to do everything we would like to with BC.

A sort of double announcement we’re proud to make combines the signing of our first recording artist with the kick-off of Blind Confidential Music.  After talking to a number of other publishing companies, Blind Master Crash in his Furious Forties, has signed with our new venture dedicated to publishing original music by blind artists with an attitude and a message.  BMC is the only known blind gangster rapper and, soon, BC will be heading down to his crib for an exclusive interview with BMC and some of his posse.  The record should hit the shelves in time for the Christmas rush.

Others have asked BC if they could write either individual pieces or start a regular column associated with Blind Confidential.  I like this idea but don’t know the mechanics of blogspot well enough to know if we can easily do it here or if this will require a separate web site.  Maybe I can become the Arianna Huffington of the blind community?

In advance of the kick off of the recording business, BC will explore doing a “record of the week” that DJ Cousin Blinky will introduce.  We hope to play novelty songs and songs about blindness from the catalogue of old blues musicians and others who looked at blindness with a bit of comedy in their tone.  Maybe, if it catches on, we’ll do a radio station like Mosen’s but, instead of love songs, we’ll just play comedy songs, entertaining songs about blindness and fill in the rest of the time with classic rock and roll songs about committing suicide from having listened to too many love songs.  I think the entire teen suicide and tragic accident genre goes far too unexplored these days.  When was the last time you heard “Patches,” or “Running Bear” or “dead man’s Curve” to liven up your day?  Let’s not forget to mention “Stan,” the great Eminem rhyme that always brightens my heart.  I might toss in some sickly songs about the depravity of addiction like the great Lou Reed’s “Heroin” or maybe Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died.” Just for laughs.

As I mentioned the other day, you can expect some new characters to start appearing in the Blind Confidential neighborhood (do you people think we fall closer to Mr. Roger’s neighborhood or Pee Wee’s Playhouse?) and some new adventures for those who have already popped in.  I’m also sure that the companies that appeared in the two CSUN pieces will reappear along with others yet to be lampooned.

I’ve got to run, my parents are in town.  One of the real downsides to living in Florida is that your family visits you to escape the nasty weather that happens where they live.  Thus, one must learn to disrupt everything you ordinarily do and cater to guests.  They can send my niece Annaleis anytime as she is a very interesting person.  The adults are such high maintenance though.

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