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Since starting Blind Confidential back in January, we have found ourselves quoted and referenced on a number of other blogs and in blindness related mailing lists.  Other than an occasional acknowledgement, Blind Confidential has not reciprocated by mentioning any of the other blogs I have found interesting.  We do keep an ever growing collection of links to other blogs of interest but rarely say anything about them in my nearly daily articles.  Because my wrists hurt from typing a bit too much, I felt that I should lay off the keyboard as much as possible and only do a short entry today.  Thus, a blog about blogs I find interesting.

The first link under our heading “Blog Related Links” is “Subscribe to Blind Confidential RSS Feed.”  This brings you to a page where you can subscribe to Blind Confidential and, rather than coming to the web site each time you want to read a story, you will automatically receive all new material when you launch your RSS reader.  If you come here often, this will make reading BC more convenient.

The other links in this section all point to other blogs.  We keep this list in alphabetic order so as not to show any sort of bias.  We keep the links in the “Businesses and Organizations” alphabetized for the same reason.

Blind Access Journal, written by Darrell and Karen Chandro “is all about the blind and our quest for the greatest possible access to all the information available in the world around us.”  BAJ has new material almost every day and I find it quite informative.

The Desert Skies Podcast talks about, “technology with a twist toward accessibility.”  It is run by old friend Jeff Bishop and he updates it frequently.  Jeff keeps well informed about issues regarding technology and blindness and brings a nice mixture of the technical and personal to the blogosphere.

The Fred’s Head Companion, a blog run by American Printing House for the blind and managed by Michael McCarty has rerun Blind Confidential posts and, on a very frequent basis, discusses issues of interest to people with vision impairments.  I like this blog especially because Michael often writes about topics that get far less coverage than the AT debates and technology issues.

Probably the most frequented blog in the blindness world, The Mosen Explosion, may also publish the most eclectic content in the blindness corner of the blogosphere.  Jonathon Mosen, who rose to fame as the original host of the popular ACB radio program, “Main Menu” and who now works as a product manager for Humanware brings a lot of insightful commentary about nearly every subject from technology to dishwashing.  Jonathon updates his blog numerous times per day and shows great courage by discussing very personal matters that I couldn’t imagine revealing about myself in a public forum.  Jonathon, as he always did before, brings us a lot to think about, a lot to read and a lot to listen to.

Peter Korn’s Weblog contains, “The collected occasional commentary by Peter Korn, Accessibility Architect at Sun Microsystems, Inc.”  If you don’t know Peter, he brings a frenetically genius view to the world of accessibility.  Peter doesn’t update his blog too often but his opinions, whether I agree with them or not, always seem to be well considered and come from a long career in the access technology biz.

The most recent addition to our list of interesting blogs, Web Site Accessibility Blog, written by Matt Daly, a great guy who also enjoys salt water fishing, intends to increase “the awareness of Web Site Accessibility and Marketing.”  Matt works as a web access and marketing consultant and writes about this important subject as well as other issues related to disability.

The blindness community probably has lots more blogs going and BC would love to add a link to your blog in exchange for one to us.  We find our ever growing readership, with quite a lot of hits to the page, a solid number of RSS subscriptions and the republishing and emailing of our content very exciting.  We’ve received a lot of fan mail lately which makes us happy and I hope to continue to write articles that amuse, challenge and inform.  So, please either write to me directly or post a comment if you would like us to add a pointer to your blog.


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I'm an accessibility advocate working on issues involving technology and people with print impairment. I'm a stoner, crackpot, hacker and all around decent fellow. I blog at this site and occasionally contribute to Skepchick. I'm a skeptic, atheist, humanist and all around left wing sort. You can follow this blog in your favorite RSS reader, and you can also view my Twitter profile (@gonz_blinko) and follow me there.

6 thoughts on “Blogs About Blindness”

  1. I have been reading Blind Confidential since coming across it in mid-February. Fascinating to say the least – humorous, insiteful, informative, and never dull – even when you crash and burn and have to resurrect an entire post. Obviously written by someone who knows of which they write. My blog is not so much disability or technology related as it is personal meanderings on whatever catches my fancy but is supposed to be focused on keeping track of my dissertation interests – a task largely taken over by The blog I think you may find of interest is the one I produce for the Access Technologists Higher Education Network (ATHEN) – – Perhaps we shall meet at CSUN next week. I’d like to see a symposium on disability/access blogs at CSUN or another meeting of some sort in the near future. Besides being on my RSS list, I have added BlindConfidential to my sites of interest on both blogs.

  2. Another blindness-related blog which I don’t think has gotten much publicity but definitely should, is located at . Actually there are a few blogs on that site. All of these blogs discuss aspects of the job-seeking process for those of us with a visual impairment. There have been a few posts from people with other disabilities, and I think this website is well worth anyone’s time. I first found out about it from a job coach who worked with me some years back. He had been doing research into the topic of employment for visually-impaired people, and one afternoon he called me up and asked me if I had heard of the website but I hadn’t. I am happy to report that I have not only been a registered member ever since that conversation with the job coach, but I have also posted numerous comments on the site. Once again, the URL is . Although this has not gotten me a job, or at least not yet, it is definitely a valuable resource and I heartily thank its website creators.

  3. Hi again. I see that noone else has posted here so I will give you one more blog suggestion. Actually this is kind of a new blog I think. The URL is . The creator of this blog is Larry Wanger, and he resides in Phoenix. He has a number of very good podcasts up there, plus links to other disability-related blogs and disability news links. While he does cover disability in general, his site is well worth checking out. There is also a link to his personal blog.

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    Blind and partially deaf; George accepts what he cannot change, develops his talents and brings personal dreams to fruition.

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