Death in the Family

I’m feeling a bit like I’ve had a death in the family.  The Sony notebook that has been my near constant companion for the past few years died a horrible death yesterday.  Even worse, I didn’t have everything backed up.

This Sony went with me to many continents, many conferences, many US cities and played DVS movies, talking books and music.  It, through JAWS read my email, lots of documents, web pages and other information of interest.  I used this laptop to buy Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews, order musical toys for myself and make many, many Skype calls to people all over the world.

A week ago, I thought things were looking bad so I backed the old laptop up to my desktop, reformatted, reinstalled and things were starting to look good again.  Alas, my hopes were short lived.  Yesterday, I turned the laptop on to call a friend over Skype.  The hard disk chunked along and then started making a ka-chug sound over and over.  I left it alone for 20 minutes or so.  When I returned, it was making the same noise.

Today, I’ll bring it to Dr. Laptop and see what they can do.  Hopefully, they can recover some of my data.

Tomorrow, Blind Confidential will return to its regular scheduled programming and will hit on another topic of interest to me and, hopefully, to other blinks as well.

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